Align To Plugin

Align To Plugin

Align To is a plugin that adds further alignment options to Sketch. It adds align relative to key object, because the original align function in Sketch only provides alignment to a selection or an artboard. This plugin ports illustrator’s function of aligning to key objects. […]


Magic Presenter Plugin

Magic Presenter plugin for quick and easy presentations in Sketch. Sketch plugin by James Tang. Read more in this article here. Usage: Select an artboard Press “ctrl cmd shift p” to bring into presentation mode. Use arrow keys to navigate Press “cmd enter” to toggle […]


Segmented Circles Plugin

Save hours of creating graphics for data visualisation with Segmented Circles Plugin. With a few points you can automatically create precise segmented graphics to creatively visualize data for diagrams, analytics and more. This update brings you multi value pie chart styles, tick mark circles and […]